8 Simple Lessons That Might Save Your Life One Day

8 Simple Lessons That Might Save Your Life One Day

In an emergency situation, people will enjoy looking at you and not going to help you out. In that situation, the only way out is not shouting at the entire mass of people, but pointing out any one person out of the blue and ask for water or to call the ambulance as and when required.

#1 Make a fire from a phone battery.

Fire with battery

You can use your gadget to start a fire to keep warm or to send a signal to a rescue team. Piercing such a battery with something sharp will cause a chemical reaction.

#2 Escape a rip current

escape from rip currentIt’s a strong, usually narrow current of water, moving directly away from the shore. Different colors can recognise it- it’s often muddier cloudy and may be covered by a river of foam.

Don’t panic!

The survival instinct tells them to swim to the shore as quickly as possible.The best course of action is to swim diagonally or even parallel to the shore until you get out of the current.

#3 What you should do if you fall through the ice

fall through iceYou have 10 minutes until your muscles seize up from the cold. Don’t be panic control your breath. Don’t remove your clothes. The air inside it helps you stay afloat. As soon as you get out, warm yourself immediately in a dry place.

#4 How to get out of a falling elevator alive?

Escape from Falling elevator
Lie on your back and stretch out as much as the booth allows you to. Place one arm underneath your head to soften the blow and the other to cover your face to protect yourself from falling debris.

#5 How to escape alive from a sinking car?

sinking car escapeUnfasten the belt and open the window. Climb out the window before the car is submerged. Don’t waste time on the door. The water will prevent it from opening. If you were unable to open the window, then break it at the corners.

#6 What to do in a storm?

What to do in a storm?
During a storm don’t touch any water pipes. You shouldn’t hide under trees.

  • An opened umbrella can attract lightning.
  • Don’t ride a bike or motorcycle.
  • Lightning can strike one place several times.

#7 Avoid or Escape a bull!

avoid or escape from bullDon’t get panic and run. Wait until the bull comes close and at the last moment throw the hat in a different direction. If you are lucky, the attention of the bull will get distracted to the hat, and It’s not right that bulls react to red. They are color-blind to red. They only respond to the sudden and fast moment.

#8 How to survive during a hurricane?

How to survive during a hurricane?

If you are in a building you should:

  • Close the windows and move away from them
  • Disconnect the electricity
  • Turn off the gas
  • Stay deep inside the building

Knowing this could save someone’s life!