7 Top Mysterious Photos of all Time That Can’t be Explained

top mystirious photos
  1. Cooper Family

    Back in 1950, it was a time when cooper family shifted into their new house in Texas. When the photo came,it shocked the world since it had a creepy hanging photo of a man. Many researches were conducted but no one could be able to explain the man in hanging from ceiling of the room. 


2. The Loch Ness Monster

The loch Ness Monster is said to be a river monster dwelling in the region Loch Ness in Scotland. Many scientists have tried to find out the reality of this monster which was seen first time in 1933. Many have claimed it to be just a hoax but some asserted that this monster still exists and swim deep under water near the vicinity of Scotland region, Loch Ness.


3. The Ghost Of Freddy Jackson

It was a time just after world war 1 in 1919, Freddy Jackson was a young aircraft mechanic who got killed accidentally when when walked into a place propeller in 1919. After two days, one group photo was taken from his team and one of his fellow identified Freddy in the photo. First row , fourth from the left. It is said to be Freddy’s ghost who appeared in the photo.


4. Australia Sea Monster

Robert Serrec a French photographer in 1964 took a quick picture showing a giant snake like creature on the seafloor off the coast of Queensland, Australia. So many scientists have tried to identify the photo and also the area but no concrete conclusion was drawn later


5. Stefan Michalak

Stefan Michalak was working near Falcon lake, Manitoba, Canada in the woods on 20 May, 1967. He noticed two cigar shaped UFOs then and one of the door of the crafts opened and Michalak heard some voices. He made an effort to communicate with the people inside but suddenly the door closed and the object began to rise. At that time the craft released some sort of hot air which resulted his t-shirt to burn. He was admitted to local hospital but all were baffled by the grided burn patterns on his chest. The photo says all and still no one is able to answer for that bizarre burning pattern on his chest 


6. Mary With UFO Drawn on Image

The photo raises many unanswered questions. The photo is of Mary but above her left shoulder a UFO kind of image is shown and also a man is shown below with his dog looking to the UFO image.


7. A Time Traveller 

Well, it was a time in 1941 at the reopening of the South Forks Bridge in Canada. In the above picture everything looks normal but it you stare it more you will find some derangement. The man who is dressed in modern dress among all other people dressed in hats and suits jackets. He is also having a modern camera. The thing is in 1940, there was no such type of clothing came and also the camera. The person is said to be a time traveller. No one knew who that was and from where he came in that photo.