6 Smartphone Features Most Users Have No Idea About

6 Smartphone Features Most Users Have No Idea About

Probably there is not a single person who didn’t have a smartphone in their pocket today. From children to adults, everyone has a smartphone. There is no doubt, that smartphone has made our lives easier. Fueled by impressive features and unique designs,it has attracted many users. Their innovative features that we use day by day has simplified our daily life. But despite this fact, there are also so many people out there who don’t even know how incredible things these devices are capable of doing.

Here we will tell you about 6 of the most fascinating features of your smartphones which we bet you never knew about before.

1. Cloning application:Cloning Application

The most important feature of the Android smartphone is the cloning application. It is extremely useful for those users who need access to two or more than two accounts of duplicating apps such as Amazon, Ebay etc., It will give you deals and offers for each account separately.

2. YouTube: Youtube

Video and audio can directly recorded from YouTube official stores and can be easily recorded with the help of Google’s Assistant similar to Apple’s Siri. It turns on and start recording when say “OK Google”. Developer applications are very similar to that. Video Link can be downloaded.

3. Offline Map: Offline Map

The GPS can activated by using the Internet. Usually Google Map can downloaded online and then offline using the Map.

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4. Credit card:Credit Card

Credit card applications can used in smart phones with the help of NBC and it will be available in apps such as Android Pay and Apple Pay. You can pay the most money online.

5. Scanner:Scanner

All smartphones can used as a scanner and can scan any document, photo or bar code with it’s camera.

6. Two window:Two Window

Generally everyone knows that there is only one window on smart phones that can be used with two windows IE two screens. For example, You can watch the video in another window.