5 Bollywood Movies Which Made a Big Impact on Audience’s Mind

best bollywood movies

Every individual is a movie freak and especially when it comes to Bollywood then we can’t refuse our love for Bollywood movies. When Khan’s, Kapoor’s and Mr. Kumar has ruled over the hearts of crores of audiences there are still many people who have always sought and loved movies which involved not so popular actors and actresses. When have a love,action and thriller liked by audiences then at the same time there are few movies which made on small budget but their stories have influenced so many minds.These movies have certainly been able to disturb audience’s mind

If you had missed to watch then have a look on them and spare some time to watch them:


drishyam movie

The movie had shown how a father can go any extent to protect his family. The movie features Ajay Devgan and Shreya Saran and their two daughters. Ishita Dutta (real name), their eldest daughter is blackmailed by one of the guy who is the son of the inspector of Goa police. When this guy blackmails Ishita then she accidentally killed him and after that series of investigation begins. Here is , when Ajay as a father defends his family.


pink bollywood movie

It is the one of the movie which depicts one of the major social issues of all time.Few girls meet some boys in party where they try to harass one of the girl among them.One of the guy then got beaten by the girl and is admitted to hospital.These boys then conspire to threaten these girls and they constantly harass them by kidnapping. The case moves to the court where Amitabh Bachchan is seen to a lawyer who is defending these innocent girls.


sarabjit movie

The film is not merely a film. It is based on true story of a man who suffered a painful demise and will make your tears out for sure. A man who accidentally entered into Pakistan after he got inebriated at one night back in 1990. Pakistan Govt. left no stone unturned then to prove themselves that they are the most atrocious country ever. Especially when the matter is related to India , how Pakistan can take a step back. The man got tortured for 22 years with the barbaric act of Pakistan Govt. without any reason and got beaten till the state of death soon after India convicted Afzal Guru, the terrorist who planned Indian parliament attack


lakshmi bollywood movie

It is the story of a 14 year old girl who was kidnapped and sold to prostitites for prostiytion. The movie shown Laxmi as a brave and courageous girl who stood up to fight despite being the weak girl. It is a must watch for those who give up in odd situation but only a brave hearted can watch this


ugly bollywood movie

The movie had shown the breathtaking investigation by police when a 10 year old girl is kidnapped. The movie manifested the dirty and ugly mentality of the family persons and how they are bent on having money and fame. This is all about the current human mentality of this century where everyone is seen greedy and how we are ready to put out the life of our loved one’s on stake just because of few money and power.

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