15 Freaky Things You Should Never Ever Search on Google

never search on google

Google doesn’t have all cute and entertaining videos. There are some sites that have full of shocking contents that are extremely disturbing, outrageous, disgusting, horrible, offensive, gross, scary, and upsetting and thus told not to google these things. If you google these things, then it may scar your mind. To save you from this trauma, we have enlisted 15 most offensive things you should never google.

Below are the 15 creepy things you never knew about that I’m gonna make you google and make you unable to sleep:

#1 Elephantiasis:

Elephantiasis is a kind of parasitic infection that causes extreme swelling in your several body parts like in the arms and legs. This causes when a female mosquito bites you, she injects the worm larvae into your bloodstream. The worm larva reproduce and spread all over your bloodstream, where they can stay for many years

Elephantiasis disease

#2 Jiggers:

Jiggers are tiny fleas also known as Chigoe flea. Jiggers live in sand and soil. If by chance you infected by flea, then it is uneasy for you. Jiggers infection can lead to swelling and later turn extremely serious to death.

Jiggers insect

#3 Lamprey Disease:

Lamprey Disease is an old email hoax from 2007 or earlier that recently resurfaced and went viral on on Facebook, likely because of how uncomfortable it makes any reader. Don’t search this term on Google.

Lamprey Disease

#4 Trypophobia:

Trypophobia also called as repetitive pattern phobia. It is a fear of objects with a group of small holes. This is really weird.

Trypophobia disease

#5 Body Farm:

The Body farm was set up to give education to students regarding decomposition of the human body and the conditions dead body have to go through. Basically, Body farm is a huge place covered with dead bodies somewhere in Decay.

 Body farm

#6 Nikki Catsouras:

In 2006 in lake forest of California, 18-year-old Nikki Catsouras died a horrid death while driving her father’s Porsche when she lost control on the vehicle and ran into a light pole. Her body was so damaged that her family wasn’t able to recognize her body at the coroners.

The California Highway patrol took photos per their protocol anyway, but then two officers leaked the photos when they emailed them to their friends.

Nikki Catsouras accident

#7 Harlequin Fetus:

If someone tells you to google anything with the word “fetus,” the result is certainly never up to any good. The term “ Harlequin Fetus” leads to a result that includes images of a fetus with a condition called ichthyosis. It’s a skin condition that increases the amount of keratin on the skin of babies causing scales to appear all over the body.

Sadly, babies born with this disease merely live for few days. It is distressing and horrifying.

Harlequin Fetus

#8 Tetris fanfiction:

The classic video game where you have to organize falling blocks has its own genre of fan fiction. If you were expecting an innocent story, then you have another thing coming to you as all the stories are erotic. There are vivid descriptions of the block that is similar to what might be seen in “50 shades of grey”, but with blocks.

Tetris fanfiction

#9 Faces of Death:

We are all fascinated by death in one way or another. We often wonder when we’re going to die, how it will happen and what happens to our body after we die. One such term that you should never google is “ Faces of Death”. You will see different faces of people who have died, which by itself is pretty creepy.

However, just know that not everyone dies a peaceful death.

Faces of Death

#10 Bomb Instructions:

If you want to get the United state government and the FBI on your doorstep, then google “how to make a bomb.” Searching this term on Google will obviously alert google and the search engine will be likely to notify the proper authorities that you need to be questioned.

Bomb Instructions

#11 Blue Waffle:

You may never heard of the term “ Baffle Disease” then not a big deal as you are not alone. It is a very rare disease that people have heard of. This disease is a new disease that is growing up more in males and females. It’s a sexually transmitted disease that damage those who have low immune system. It looks extremely disturbing so told not to search image of this disease on google.

Blue Waffle

#12 Brian Peppers:

Brian Peppers is a registered sex offender in the state of Ohio when his mugshot went viral on the internet.Peppers seem to suffer from a deformity that leads to a deformity of a skull. Overall, this google search is really disturbing and won’t let you sleep at night.

Brian Peppers

#13  2 Kids 1 Sand Box:

This term may sound innocent, but its result will definitely scare you, especially if you are a man. The video starts off with a naked woman pleasuring a man, which seems ok enough. But then the woman grabs a large vibrator and shoves it down inside the man’s penis. Your mind may see something horrible, but the actual visual was even worse.

2 Kids 1 Sand Box

#14 “Bear” by Marian Engel

It is known as one of the most controversial books in Canada, and Marian angel in 1976 wrote it. The work is no doubt her most famous because of the fact that the book is about a Lonely librarian, who enters into a sexual relationship with a bear. The imagery that the book presents is not only scarring but can introduce some new words to you that you will never shake from your mind.

“Bear” by Marian Engel

#15 4 Girls Finger Paint:

If someone had fooled you to see the art of these four girls finger, then stop wherever you are. It’s an adult movie showing girls in a room performing several hardcore sexual acts. So, do not search it on google ever, this may give you a trauma.

4 girls finger paint

The true saying is “curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back” so get your research right.