11 Brutal Facts About North Korea That May Leave You Surprised

north korea president

On the off chance that the Kim family had their direction, the whole world would think North Korea was a beautiful heaven and that each one of its pioneers was a gift sent straight from paradise.
Obviously, North Korea’s media has a slight propensity for inclination, and on account of their strict tourism approach (anybody can visit insofar as they’re now in the nation), it’s hard to get a firm handle on what goes ahead inside the fringes of this shut, totalitarian state.

Be that as it may, on account of a couple of brave covert writers who snuck in, alongside grim reports from deserted North Koreans who escaped, we’re showing signs of improvement picture of how the pinions turn behind the cloak of this extraordinary purposeful publicity machine. Furthermore, it’s not lovely.

1.North Koreans have just 15 Hairstyles to choose from when getting their hair cut

Men and women have to strictly follow this rule and can only allow carrying these hairstyles. Any other hair style is not permitted to them.

For Men:

For Women:

2.The Calendar is based on Kim Il-Sung’s birth year, 1912.

In North Korea,  as in other countries, the present year is 2017, but there they calculate the year as 105. North Korea use ‘Juche’ named calendar. The calendar is upon the birth of Kim-II-sung in place of Jesus.

north korean calendar

3-Labor Camps:

Chairman of the North Korea freedom coalition,Suzanne Scholte told Business Insider that the “Conditions are horrific,” .”People are worked for 14, 15 or 16 hours every day with just a handful of corn to live on and they are intentionally starved and worked to death.” In 2012, it was estimated that something like 200,000 prisoners were being kept in six prison camps throughout North Korea.


4.Elections in North Korea are held every five years

Although North Korea is officially, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, it is hardly anything but. they do have elections, but only one candidate appears on the ballot. All seats are won by one party, Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland.

Elections in North Korea

5-Rule of “ Three generation Punishment.”

It is the rule if someone violates a law or go against the law will send to the prison, it not only affects them but also their whole family includes parents, grandparents, children are also sent to work in prison camp with the culprit.

Three generation Punishment in North Korea

6- Main Leader

Kim-II sung will always be considered as the eternal leader of North Korea, even when his heirs have taken the ruling.

kim ii sung statue
kim ii sung statue

7-Highest Literacy Rate

The country has the highest literacy rate in the world, ie; nearly 100%

8-The Country has only three Tv channels:

Out of three, two are only accessible on the weekend, while the other channel broadcasts in the evening time. As of this, Koreans soap operas become the most popular items engaged in.

three Tv channels in North Korea

9-Pay to Stay:

School students in Korea have to pay for chairs and basically for everything however the teacher, helps some parents to secretly pull their child from school.

10-Human Feces Fertilizer:

As of the lack of resources, North Koreans was commended to use human feces as fertilizer.

Human Feces Fertilizer

11- Extreme Poverty

More than half of the Korean population lives in high poverty even they unable to get to basic needs of human.

Extreme Poverty in North korea