12 Banned Movies by Indian Censor Board That You Can’t Miss to Watch

banned bollywood movies

As we all know that Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world, some amazing movies release every year which leaves an impressive impact on mind and also some flop movies also release which are no less than blunder. However, there are also some amazing movies which created controversies before release because of their sensitive content and are still banned in India but worth watching.

They are based on the sensitive issues which are essential to be lifted, some of them are educational, and some bring light to very important issues.

We know that censor board didn’t approve movies that include black comedy, sexuality, false allegations, sensitive objects, etc.CB have right to ban any movie that is not accepted in entertainment and media protocols

Here’s the list of some of the old and recent movies that are banned by Censor Board of India:

#1 Gandu:

Gandu Movie

This Bengali movie was shot in black and white and got banned. The name of the movie says a lot. The main reason for the ban was a lot of nudity.  Directed by Kaushik Mukherjee, the movie has been described as a rap musical.

#2 Firaaq:

firaq poster








The Nandita das film was criticized for hurting the sentiments of Hindus and Muslims; The movie concept was based on Gujarat Traits.

#3 Sins:

sins movie









Sins was all about the Kerala priest falling in love with the women and getting sexually involved with her. The Catholics  didn’t approve the concept and censor board didn’t approved it because of a lot of nudity.

#4 Black Friday:

black friday poster








Another Anurag Kashyap movie Black Friday, The true story of Bombay bomb blast faced the stay order by the Bombay high court. Censor board considered this movie dark for the audience and banned it.

#5 Paanch:

paanch movie poster

It was another Anurag Kashyap film that wasn’t  agreed by the censor board owing to the drug abuse, obtain violence and cuss language. It was set to be based on joshi abhyankar serial murders.

#6 The Pink Mirror:

the pink mirror movie








The story was about two transgenders where a gay try to seduce another gay.  Quite clearly the CB thought this to be vulgar and didn’t approved it.

#7 Kama Sutra:

kamasutra-banned movie










This love tale was turned unethical explicit and immoral by the censor board. They showed the love story of four people in the sixteenth century.

#8 Fire:

fire movie

















This Dealt with the lesbian relationship between two sisters in laws of hindu families. And it didn’t go too well with the political groups of the country, to be specific ‘Shivasena’.

#9 Bandit Queen:

banded queen

The movie was based on the biography of Phoolan Devi; this movie was banned due to its abusive language, nude scenes and sexual content, which did not approve by the CB.

#10 Mohalla Assi:

Mohalla-Assi movie









Mohalla Assi starring Sunny Deol and Sakshi Tanwar is banned by the CB as it contains cuss words spoken by the people with a respected image like Sakshi and Sunny Deol. And also it had been leaked online before the film was submitted to CB for certification.

#11 Dirty Grandpa:











CBFC has put ban on this movie in India.Dan Mazer directed the movie. Some even say that this is the worst movie of DE Niro in his career. As it shows the sexually overactive grandfather, it didn’t go too well.

#12 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


The movie was banned in India for its overt imperialistic tendencies and racist portrayal of Indians. In some scenes, it shows monkey brains and black sheep of Kaali Ma being eaten as a delicacy. India Censor Board didn’t approve it.