11 Strange Animal Species You Didn’t Know Exist

11 Incredible Animals You’ve Never Even Heard Of

The world is full of strange species and animals, some are so odd that you won’t believe they exist. Science has discovered more than million species of animals, microbes and plants on earth, but scientists evaluated that there are millions more left to discover, and new species are constantly discovered.

Read below to know about some newly discovered incredible animals you have never seen before:

The Ili Pika

Ili Pika

Ili Pika were originally found in North America and they live at high altitudes. They eat herbs, plants and grasses.They can grow up to 20 cm. Until last year, no Ili Pika has been seen over the last 20 years.

The” Crime-Fighting” Gecko


This Cnemaspis Psychedelica Gecko is mainly found on the the small island of Hon Khoai. They got their name from their bright orange coloration.

The Pink-eye Caedicia

Pink-eye Caedicia

This grasshopper with pink bean-like eyes lives in the Muller mountains in the Pacific Highlands.

The Salp:

The Salp-

Salps look very similar to Jellies! But, Salp have some different structures as well as organs which are not similar to Jellies like the vascular system, heart, gonads, and pharynx. They can grow up to 4 inches and have a barrel-shaped body.

The Grimpoteuthis:


The Grimpoteuthis aka Dumbo Octopus is listed among the rarest of the Octopoda species in the world. This bizarre Pokemon creature is found deep in the ocean at depths as far down as 23,000 feet! They are truly incredible.

Honduran White Bats:

Honduran White Bats

These small White Bats are one of the cutest rodents on Earth. Also known as Ectophylla Alba, the Honduran White Bats can grow only 37-47mm long and found in the Caribbean and Central America.

The Pink Handfish:

Pink handfish

They feed on small invertebrates, particularly mysids. They got their name from the way they used their pectoral (side) fins like hands to grip the bottom.At present nine of them are in danger of extinction.

The Albino Chinese Softshell Turtle:

albino Chinese softshell turtle These small turtles, which are usually brown-green colored, have an extremely long neck and tube-shaped nostrils to use as a snorkel.People think they are very ugly, but in my views, they are super adorable, especially notice them when they move their neck outside the shell.

 The Snub-Nosed Monkey:

Snub-nosed Monkey

The snub-nosed monkey is one of 200 new species found in the Eastern Himalayas. They sneeze when it rains because of the shape of their nose.

The Pinocchio Frog:

Pinocchio frog

They’re cute and charismatic but the tree frogs that live in Honduras are being decimated by chytrid fungus, and this fungus has spread all over the world. This causes hundreds of species to become extinct and endangered.

Naked Mole Rat:

Naked Mole Rat

Naked Mole-rat aka sand puppy look so ugly and is pretty incredible. These Naked Mole rats live up to 28 years. Their eyes are small and as you can see they are not the prettiest animal on the planet.