10 Amazing Health Benefits of Kissing Your Loved Ones On Lips

kissing benefits

Kissing is the best part of every relationship. It works as a medicine in pain. Whether its a kiss from your beloved one, parents or from our sisters and brothers it makes us smile every time we receive it.  Most of the people express their love with kisses, in fact, a kiss on the lip can deepen the bond between the two lovers.  Not only it is good for keeping your relationship healthy, but also it posses some amazing benefits to your health.

#1 Kissing Reduces Blood Pressure

Kissing enlarge the blood vessels and this results in reducing the blood pressure levels.

#2 Kissing Reduces Stress Level

Kissing increases serotonin levels in the brain and reduces the stress hormone cortisol.  It also helps with lower anxiety. So in your stress time prefer more kisses, surely this will reduce your stress.

#3 Kissing Releases Happy Hormones

benefits of kissing

Kissing increases endorphin. This can, in turn, improves your mood. Endorphins are our feel-good hormones. This means kiss every day to stay happy. This will not only make you happy but also keeps your partner happy.

#4 Kissing Reduces Calories

Various studies have shown that intense kissing can help people burn out around 8-16 calories.

#5 Kissing Keeps Us Healthy

Kissing is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy. It improves your immunity by releasing antibodies which fights with bacteria and kill them. Not only this kissing also prevents us from cavities by increasing saliva in our mouth that washes out teeth as during kiss out saliva produce natural antibiotics which fight with cavities.

#6 Kissing Boosts Self-esteem

If you want to give your best in your workplace than prefer more morning kisses. According to scientific researches kisses increases the level of oxytocin in our body that generates happy hormones and makes you feel loved that makes one happy. A morning kiss makes you more productive at work.

#7 Kissing Enhances our Relationships

benefits of kissing

Kissing promotes togetherness and especially the couples who kiss daily live double years longer than those couples who don’t kiss daily.

#8 Kissing Tightens Your Facial Muscle

According to researchers, it is shown that a person uses 30 muscles to kiss a person and if it is smooching than it is more beneficial as it will help in keeping your cheeks tight.

#9 Kissing Increases Life Span

It is always advisable to kiss your partner daily because 90-minute kissing can boost your heart rate and also increase happy hormones that prolong your life for 1 Minute.

#10 Kissing Increases Confidence level

Kissing has no negative effects. It posses only positive effects like it boost your confidence level. A kiss to a partner is also a way to appreciate each other. Like both are happy and lucky to have each other together.

There are much more benefits of kissing, but these reasons are best to let you know about how amazing kissing is. As Kissing make us smile more,  so kiss not only your partner also to your sister, brother, and parents to make them smile.