10 Most Expensive Things Owned by North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un


North Korean Supreme leader Kim Jong Un is well known all around the globe for his brutal dictatorship. Everyone knows that no citizen in North Korea can raise voice against the leader. The North Korean citizens are even not allowed to watch Tv, go online and cannot listen to music. All of such basic things without which we can not live, are restricted there.

Take a look at 10 pretty expensive things owned by billionaire North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un:

#1 Ryugyong Hotel:

Ryugyong Hotel

Ryugyong hotel is not only the biggest hotel in the country of North Korea but it is also one of the biggest hotels all over the world. This hotel construction began under the vision of Kim II Sung in 1987. Its construction was finished in 26 years.

#2 Mystery Mobile Phone:

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un presides over a consultative meeting with officials in Pyongyang

According to the sources, Kim Jong Un’s phone is manufactured by HTC, but if you want to know the model of his phone, then no one can give accurate idea. Kim Jong’s phone is highly protected that no one can read his conversations.

#3 Piano Collections:

Piano Collections kim jong

North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong owns around 20 pianos as he loves pianos and love collecting them. These pianos are kept in his different houses. According to some rumors, Kim Jong play pianos several times in a day but if any sound mistake is made, then he blames pianos, it’s not his fault.

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#4 Air Force:

Kim Jong Airforce

Consisting of an estimated 110,000 members, the DPRK or more importantly, Kim Jong Un, can lay its claim to 940 aircraft of varying types that are mostly of Soviet and Chinese Origin.  This squad features fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, ground attack aircraft and Special Forces cargo plane.

#5 Kumsusan Palace of the Sun:

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

Kumsusan Palace of the sun is also known as Kim II Sung Mausoleum. This palace was manufactured in 1976, and it was renovated in the year of 1994 and transformed into the Mausoleum.

#6 Private Golf Courses:

Kim Jong Private island

Kim Jong Un is the owner of the most exquisite golf courses in the country. It is looked after by the forces to keep them always in the best condition.

#7 Masikryong Ski Resort (Masik):

Kim Jong Masikryong Ski Resort

Masik Resort is located at the high altitude of 1,360-meter Taehwa Peak. This resort is made especially on the orders of Kim Jong-un. Around 5000 of visitors visit resort every day. It consists of 120 hotel rooms. This resort is maintained and secured by the North Korean Army.

#8 Private island:

Kim Jong Private Golf Courses

North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong Un also owns a private island, but its location is kept secret. The island is consisting several properties which also said to have a main pad of the Supreme leader.

#9 Military Ships:

Kim Jong Military Ships

Kim Jong-Un has wide range of military ships ranging from Frigates, destroyers, Amphibious assault ships, patrol vehicles to Mining laying vessels. These ships of Kim Jong move around near areas and also in southern areas.

#10 Submarines:

Kim JOng Submarines

So many soviet submarines are under control of Kim Jong. There are 22 Chinese Romeo class subs, four former soviet whiskey class subs, etc. and all these are manufactured by DPRK. Very few know that various submarines are hidden underwater of the Korean peninsula.