15 Crazy & Weird Things That You’ll Only See In Dubai | Dubai Facts

wierd things in dubai

Dubai is known as a the city of millionaires. Over 20,000 millionaires live in Dubai and also it is one of the most expensive cities to live in. It is is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf.

Over the past few years, World have seen an unbelievable transformation in the lifestyle of people live here. There are so many crazy and bizarre things that you can only see everyday in Dubai. Because of such crazy activities, the city is constantly setting itself apart from the rest of the world.

Here we are sharing 15 totally uncommon photos of everyday things you will only see in Dubai:

#1 Wide Vehicles

wide vehicles in dubai

#2 Sky High Tennis Courts

tennis courts in dubai

#3 Artificial Islands

artificial islands in dubai

#4 Such Big Cats

big cats as pets

#5 Texting While Driving With Special Passengers

Texting in the drivers seat

#6 Lion Riding

lion riding in dubai

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#7 Traffic Jams Full of Luxury Cars

traffic jams full of luxury cars in dubai

#8 Amazing Ideas to Reduce Traffic Jams

flying car in dubai

#9 Bikes to Stun 

dubai lifestyle

#10 Fascinating Cop Cars

Exotic police cars in dubai

#11 Luxurious Bus Stops

bus stops in dubai

#12 Gold Cars

car made of gold in dubai

#13 Balancing Acts

weird things in dubai

#14 Gold Vending Machines

Gold vending machines dubai

#15 Special Parking

camel parking in dubai