10 Most Controversial Movies That Have Been Banned Worldwide

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There are so many brutal movies that will give you goosebumps and nightmares, and cause you fear showers for decades. So, today we find out the list of some movies that got banned and stopped shown in theatres for such reasons. Some movies banned for bad reasons and other for their content. In the below list not all movies are horror but contain restricted contents that are not allowed to represent to public. Therefore, let’s take a look at this interesting list of such movies:

#1 The Interview:

The interview stars James Franco and Seth Rogan and follows their entertaining encounter with North Korea. The main motive of the movie was supposed to make watchers laugh. It represents two essential characters being taken by the CIA to represent Kim Jong Un.

However North Koreans felt that this movie is promoting violence against North Korea, so the film got banned from some theaters. Many major countries theaters had cancelled and delayed the screening of the movie after the threat of violence from its hackers.

#2 The Exorcist:

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This film was unavailable for around 11 years for UK viewers because of the nature of the film. The film was released in 1973; this film shows a 12-year girl’s story as she is possessed badly by a demon. The girl’s mother is so worried about the behavior of her daughter, so her mother enlists the help of priests to win her back.

#3 ET The Extra Terrestrial:

This movie got banned in Finland, Norway, as well as in Sweden, the film was restricted for children as it contains some adult content that is not good for children.The official age of watching an adult film is 12 in Sweden and Norway and 8 in Finland.

#4 The Evil Dead:

People, who are familiar with this movie, must know the reason why it got banned.  This movie represents the possession story of five friends. The movie was much in controversy as of its countless horror images and torture scenes.  The movie got banned in so many countries including Ireland, Germany, Finland, and Iceland as of these reasons.

#5 Fat Girl:

This is a french film, À ma sœur! Or fat girl, it is an unrated, odd and disturbing movie that won’t fit the choice of many.  It follows siblings Ania’s and Elana as they confront their sexual/physical attitude. Elana is more promiscuous and attractive while her sister Anais is fat, who choose to eat more while her sister flirts all time with guys. But it’s the sexual scenes in the movie that are the main reason for its banning.

#6 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

The movie was directed by to be hopper and got banned due to its grotesque scenes and intense violence. Some councils approved it but some choose to ban it.

#7 Song of the South:

This movie is an inspirational movie, and it never got banned in countries like Unites states. It was not shown to the public by Disney as of the controversial portrayal of Africans Americans.

#8 The Last House On The Left:

This movie was released in 1972 and was directed by Wes Craven.  The movie shows the murder of two girls, rape, abduction by a psychopath’s group.As it shows brutal rape scenes and torture scenes, it was rejected by both greater London council and Board of Film Classification, and also it was not released in the UK for its screening.

#9 A Clockwork Orange:

The movie contains brutality, rape scenes as well as violence. This movie shows a story of a psychopath man and his twisted ways of therapy and crime. It was released in 1971.  

#10 Scarface: The Shame of the Nation:

The movie released in 1932, produced and directed by Howard Hawks. Again, this movie contains violent crimes of gangsters so got banned in so many states in the United States and Nazi Germany.